The Arts on View Society

The Arts on View Society was incorporated in December 2016 for the purpose of preserving Hermann’s Jazz Club and continuing to enhance the public’s appreciation of jazz* music through all-ages live performance. As the longest continuous running jazz club in Canada, Hermann’s has been at the forefront for the past 40 years of providing the opportunity for local and visiting musicians to showcase their talents and hone their skills.

The Arts on View Society’s Vision is to support a vibrant performing arts and music community in Victoria. 

This will be accomplished through:

  • creating a Performing Arts Centre (Arts on View) in downtown Victoria featuring Hermann’s Jazz Club as well as venues for live performances and rehearsals,
  • protecting and enhancing Hermann’s Jazz Club as a cultural asset, thus maintaining an all-ages musical performance venue that is accessible to all
  • presenting jazz, blues and world music by local, Canadian and international artists
  • collaborating with and contributing to non-profit performing arts organizations,
  • nurturing and fostering emerging artists and students.

Guiding Principles.  In implementing our vision, we will adhere to the following guiding principles:

  • ongoing sustainability
  • fair and equitable access for performers, taking into consideration the appropriate balance between international artists, local talent and emerging artists that reflects our vision
  • purposeful partnerships with other community based non-profit arts organizations
  • a focus on quality
  • a phased approach to implementing our vision
  • transparent communications to performers and supporters

A not-for-profit society, Arts On View operates both Hermann’s Jazz Club and the View Street Social as a Social Enterprise. All profit generated by this business are invested to achieve our purposes. The Arts On View Society is not a charity, but has determined its charitable purposes for CRA as follows:

The charitable purposes of the Society are:

  1. To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by providing:
    1. High-quality performances of jazz music*
    2. A public performing arts centre for the presentation of performing arts productions and which will serve as a forum at which qualified artists may present or perform their artistic works
  2. To preserve and promote the development of, and excellence in, the jazz music industry in Victoria, British Columbia, and to maintain high standards in that industry, by providing facilities to enable artists to train and produce their crafts, where such facilities are otherwise difficult to access, or not available, and by providing to the public high quality work
  3. To receive, administer and distribute funds and property to ‘qualified donees’ as defined by the Income Tax Act (Canada), and
  4. To do all such other things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the foregoing purposes and the exercise of the powers of the Society

*described as encompassing jazz, blues, world, creative and improved music, including evolving forms of jazz and the technologies and media that influence jazz as an art form